Monday 5 December 2011

Building a Better Bantha.

Painting wise, this weekend has been moderately successful. Photography wise, not so much. Fortunately, I have managed to take some reasonable photos of my Bantha making. The first step was to find some suitable donor models as a basis for construction.
Elephant is an eons old giveaway from a cereal packet. The Rhino was part of a set of jungle animals.
The rhino was selected as basis of the MK II Bantha, and thus had its head lopped off and was smothered in a suitable covering of Green Stuff. No photos exist of this stage, despite the original intention to take them. Opps!
A shaggy coat is roughly sculpted  on.

The lips are flatter and the eyes are sunk in, a more pleasing look than the MK I.

A side view that shows the yakish/bisonish look I was trying for.

The shaggy beaver tail.

Micro Machines Sandtroopers for scale comparison.

The painted beast before it's coat of wash. Micro Machines Sandtrooper Dewback for scale comparison.

The frontal view. The eyeholes look suitably small.

Again with Sandtroopers.

Rear comparison between MK I (left) and MK II (right). MK II has been washed and shagginess of tail stands out well.

Bantha Comparisons. The MK II lacks the full lips and beady eyes of the MK I.

The wash highlights the shaggy back of the MK II.
The MK I Bantha has already started to receive a slight make over by getting a coat of wash and having its eyes redone. The Toy elephant shown earlier will be processed into a Bantha as well, with the hopeful addition of some stowage.
Some technicals were also made this weekend.
I also made some stuff for Harad, but the photos I took were rubbish. The above photo was the best of around ten - the rest being quite blurry. Still, the more pictures I take, the better I get.


  1. That looks way better. You should have made a mold before painting it...cast in could sell them

  2. Thanks Paul, I hadn't thought about casting Banthas - it would be easier than making individual ones.

  3. Very cool. I re-added your link btw, not sure what happened but it's back now

  4. @Al: Blogger eats my links all the time. I guess it's an undocumented feature.