Tuesday 27 December 2011

The Mighty Antar Pt. 1

So, my Airfix Attack Force Mighty Antar is missing one of the ramps from its trailer. My options were to ignore this, try and find a replacement Airfix part, replace both with suitable ramps, scratchbuild a matching replacement, or to make an obvious field replacement ramp to add character to the vehicle. To make the vehicle functional a new rear ramp is required, so my replacement part is based solely on functionality, in both getting the trailer useable again, and in ease of production. The other task is to give the Antar cab a floor. I want to avoid doing anything that can't easily be undone on this beast as it is the only one I have.
Antar cab - showing white, instead of floor.
The underside of the cab.
Plastic card to the rescue once more.

This is clearly not a matching pair.
But it sits about right...
The whole unit.
Loading a tank, and the new ramp works.
And loaded up with tank.
Trailer rear with ramps in upright  position. And spray painted grey.
Cab spraypainted grey. I love the Antar at the front!
And a view from above, with some more Saladins for company.
So all I need to do now is make up a suitable support stand, and think about what other heavy lift vehicles I can find to add to the fun.

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