Tuesday 27 December 2011

Haradian WIP

In order to run my Harad campaign, I am having to expand the forces I have available. So I decided to start with these vehicles. Four diecast trucks made by Zylmex, Six diecast Matchbox Saladin Armoured cars (all with broken guns), an Airfix Sheridan Tank, and Two Matchbox Battlekings. 
A great view of a K-107 BattleKing 155 SPG. Tracks are from the Hasegawa Sherman.
Matchbox Saladins. The vast majority of these always seem to have a broken gun. The PlayArt version was much better and closer in scale to the Airfix/JB Models kit.
Battle King K-103: The Chieftain Tank. The tank that spawned numerous plastic knockoffs.
The K-107 155 SPG. Is this meant to be a M-107? or anything at all?
 The Battle King series of vehicles have always been a personal favourite. My brother, and I, would wage war with our armies of Battle Kings, Matchbox military vehicles, and plastic soldiers, across the lounge floor when we were both much younger. The majority of our Battle Kings were purchased by our Grandmother, so they have always been special to me for that reason as well.
After being sprayed Primer Grey.

Some Esci Vietnam war Americans, and some Eagle Games Arabs spraypainted black.

Hasegawa German Officer painted as Imperial Haradian Officer.

Grey Zylmex trucks get a thin coating of Vallejo Iraqi sand. These will be classed as light trucks in CD terms.
 For my Harad forces, I am using a very basic scheme of Iraqi Sand, with the addition of vehicle markings, slogans, etc. The advantage of this scheme is that I can add to later, and that it lets vehicles be painted quickly.

Six Haradi Saladin Armoured Cars. I still have to black a few tyres.

Four light trucks ready for use.

Trucks, A/Cs, and some Militia. Figures are Mars Mujahideen.

Battle King Chieftain amid plastic clones. The grey Nod tanks may be repainted.

The real deal - after its new paint job. I may actually put a tank commander in the turret.

Now on its third repaint. A Haradian 155mm SPG.
The Battle King 155mm SPG, rather than being a M-107, is most likely a Canon de 155 mm Mle F3 Automoteur (Cn-155-F3-Am). In scale, the real vehicle is somewhat longer and thinner, with the gun mount sitting lower, and having spades on either side of the rear. However, it is a nice looking vehicle, as are all the Battle King range, barring their track assemblies. That being said, they are meant to be toys, rather than detailed models. Since the F3 has been exported by the French to a variety of nations, it is not unlikely that Harad purchased a few.


  1. I think you should rig up a set of spades for the SP Gun....but then I'm retired artillery myself some some what of a purest on this ...lol

  2. It is very tempting. I have two more of them as well, and I am thinking about using them for Harad as well.

  3. 3 guns would make a platoon....)