Sunday 11 December 2011

Some more Star Wars Decision units.

First up are my Rebel Hoth Base troopers. All the figures are Micro Machines figures, the basic Troopers were sold in sets of nine, while the character figures and Tauntauns were sold as part of various playsets. The Snow Speeders are also Micro Machine products, being sold as part of the Titanium diecast range. The Titanium range Snow Speeders are in my opinion a better match for scale than the Action Fleet ones.

Lots of Hoth Troopers, still waiting year in, year out, for their final basing.

Look Norwegian Hoth Troopers!

 Imperial Snowtroopers have proved somewhat harder to source. Micro machines did produce one figure which was sold as part of a playset. Naturally, this results in difficulties in raising a decent size force to take on the Hoth Troopers. Fortunately, my friend Frank was able to convert some Risk Clone Troopers into some quite nice Snow Troopers.
Original Micro Machines Snowtrooper on left, Frank's conversions on right.
And a crappy picture of a red Risk Clone Trooper..... And, no, I didn't loot a board game for figures.
 The next Star Wars army that I am working on is the Trade Federation Droid Army. I am still trying to source a few bits and pieces, but this is what I have acquired so far in my efforts to build a Neimoidian war machine...
 OMM series Battle Droids surround Newt Gunray, and a P series Destroyer Droid. All figures Micro Machines.

The whole gang. Including an AAT.

Micro Machines Titanium series Armoured Assault Tank or AAT. Unknown scale but seems about right.
 Right, now that I have posted these, I can see about a) posting pictures from Saturday's Harad Game. b) some other pics that I have been too lazy to post, and c) paint up some French for Volley and Bayonet to maintain the honour of my kitchen table!


  1. Looks good. I'd love to see some AAR's of your battles.

  2. You have a way, Brian, of making the whole Star Wars gig very tempting. I've already been sidetracked into areas I never thought to go...

    Speaking of which: the game with Jono at the Woolston Club on the 18th (which I mentioned in our conversation the other day) has been put back to the New Year (8th), on account of his being otherwise engaged next weekend. I'll probably still drop in, though, if you are still interested in chewing the fat. I'm intrigued by this Harad(?) situation...

    Meanwhile, I'm going to make over my Army of Kiivar troops to Jono, but have acquired some more figures to make a small battlegroup of Sarbians. I've been wondering how to uniform them. Those rebel Hoth troopers look quite ... nice...