Monday 26 March 2012

Both Bits Together.

So I took these photos to see how both pieces would look next to each other. Naturally the Monastery needed to be placed at a higher elevation.
The most logical placement.

A view further back.
 After taking these photos, I think I need to make up some hills, paint both massive terrain items up, and seriously start thinking about running a Cassino game. Of course, even if I just paint up both pieces, I will count that as a plus.
Closer in to the ruins.
Both of these pieces are now back in production. Scenic Effects was bought by Monday Knight Productions in 2006, and they list both items here. They also have some other very nice pieces, which i won't even think about until I give these two their long overdue paint job..


  1. Hi Brian

    I will watch out for your next Cassino post. I was in Cassino last week but failed to get transport up to the monastery. I guess I will have to revisit.


  2. Reading your post, it seems like you had a very good trip - barring the Rugby :(

  3. Can't say I like keeping 'rewwins' in my terrain collection, but those are impressive pieces, Brian. You'd just have to try out a bit of house to house, room to room fighting through all that lot...

    All you need now, for the Russian Front of course, is a tractor factory... :)

  4. ignore the fact I asked if the company was existant in the other post. nice to know they are availible. I will take a look at this company myself.

    best of luck with painting them, may you find the motivation somewhere that is a daughnting task