Thursday 29 March 2012

Something for Gowan.

A very quick post tonight inspired by Gowan's comment on my last post. Caesar's set of Modern Urban Resisters contains a figure that some feel has a passing resemblance to the recently deceased Osama bin Laden, and of course Micro Machines has produced lots of different Darth Vader figures in various dramatic poses. So I was able to combine two figures as a size comparison for Gowan.
Micro Machines Darth Vader and Caesar Miniatures Urban Resister.

A Stormtrooper added to give a better size comparison.
Gowan, I hope this gives you a better idea about how compatible figures from the two manufacturers could be. Regular service will resume shortly.

1 comment:

  1. thanks... They seem compatible enough.

    also now I know why Osama Bin Laden died... he got what he deserved from slapping Dath Vader in the face.

    or pehaps he failed to carry out his orders, we all know the punishment for that.