Monday 26 March 2012

Ruined Mediterranean Village - A Large Terrain Piece.

At the same time I purchased the ruined monastery terrain piece, I also purchased another large Scenic Effects item. This also was purchased sight unseen, but like the monastery I was (and remain) very impressed with it. In CD terms the ruins are much closer in size to being a town than a village, so I have always thought of it as having a certain Cassino quality to it.
A view from above. Spot the 20mm figure near the centre of the terrain.

Another view from above. This is a large ruin template.

View from the side.

Another view.

Could this be part of Route 6?
lots of detail in the built up elevations.

A nice little feature.

One of the corners.

A closer look.

Moving down the main street.

A ruined statue in the plaza.
Like the monastery, the ruined town is made of resin covered expanded foam. I think that this year I should paint both pieces up and game with them. It will give me the motivation to finish redoing my WW2 Germans, and to build up a useful force of British, Indians and Kiwis - and Poles, I won't forget about the Poles.

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  1. amazing just like the monostry. is this company still existant?