Wednesday 28 March 2012


Recently I acquired some more more bits and pieces from Glenn. This included some Airfix Attack Force 155mm SPGs, and some NATO Infantry, but it also included three Micro Machines Action Fleet Y-Wings. The Y-Wings are a very useful addition to my Star Wars forces, and like much of the Action Fleet range is actually better scaled to the 20mm Micro Machines figures, than the 25mm Action Fleet figures. Wookieepedia gives further information on Y-Wings in the Star Wars universe here, and over on is an interesting discussion on deploying Y-Wings in  dispersed forward operating bases, akin to the way Harriers can be deployed.
Y-wings atop the Chest freezer. Each crew consists of a Pilot, Gunner, and an Astro-Mech Droid. figures are all Micro Machines.

On each Y-Wing model, the left engine can be pulled out and exposed.

The view from above. I suspect that in true 1/72 scale the Y-Wing should be much bigger.

The Astro-Mech Droid in its natural environment.

The empty Droid slot.

The cockpit was designed to take one Action Fleet figure. Given that the Y-Wing is a two seater, it shows how small it is for use with the 25mm Action Fleet figures. However, it was designed as a toy, so it's quite understandable.

The landing skids are retractable.

Rear view of Y-Wing, and rare view of a fallen Droid
All in all, these Y-Wing are  very nice, and are quite useable with my Rebel Pilot figures. Many thanks to Glenn for being the source of some nice pieces of kit!


  1. WAIT!!! did you just say that all these star wars models are 20mm 1/72 scale? that means that they could fit in wil my modles... Darth Vader vs osama bin laden

  2. Hi Gowan,
    Yes, the Micro Machines range of Star Wars figures are virtually 20mm. They are probably closer to the size of old Aixfix 1/76 figures rather than modern 1/72 figures from the likes of Caesar. I will put a size comparison picture for you.